Why Heinz Is Really Not Ketchup

Why Heinz Is Really Not Ketchup

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In Israel, the Health Ministry has deemed that Heinz ketchup does not ‘qualify’ as ketchup due to its low tomato content. It can only be labeled ‘tomato seasoning’, since independent ketchup testing institutions have found that their ketchup does not contain the 61% tomatoes they claim, but a mere 21%! Heinz has been stripped of its 'ketchup' label, and can only be called tomato seasoning in Israel. This does not affect Heinz’s stand in the U.S. where the brand will still retain it’s ‘ketchup’ label, despite its minimal tomato content. How much of ketchup should be composed of tomatoes? We’d probably agree that at least half the bottles contents would be the absolute minimum. Even at that, it would be a disappointment. If we were to cook up ketchup the old fashioned way, we’d make it 100% out of tomatoes, how does the most popular sauce rate to this standard? Heinz ketchup contains a lowly 21% tomatoes; a sorrowful amount especially in light of the remainder of the ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and natural flavoring!. Where oh where has real ketchup gone.Looking for real ketchup? It might take some time to get your taste buds off their high fructose and natural flavoring habit, but take some time to try Sir Kensington’s Ketchup, it’s non GMO certified and contains lots of tomatoes! This label is the one to watch, recognized by Zagat and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a jar of this distinctively truly ketchup, ketchup. They even make smaller jars, sized right for purses and backpacks so you can bring along your true to the label ‘ketchup.

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