Spiralize that Sweet Potato

Spiralize that Sweet Potato

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Why is the sweet potato disappearing off the shelves? It has to do with a new fangled cooking technique called “spiralising.” With the simple swirl of a kitchen cutting gadget, the sweet potato can be easily spun into threads as thin as pasta. Imagine, cooking your sweet potato as if it were spaghetti! This new food trend has caught the attention of the food industry which follows your buying habits to a tee. They have noticed that you, the healthy consumer have reduced your purchases of dried pasta by 13% over the past year, and sweet potato sales have increased a stunning 64% (this data comes from the UK Marks & Spencer Supermarkets). They are noticing this and other whole foods disappearing off the shelves. Spiralising potatoes, squash, cucumbers, vegetables in all forms sweet or standard, is an easy way to make a meal that normally would call for the durum wheat pasta. It’s a whole foods substitute, and if you are conscious about your health, perhaps picking up one of these slicers will help you and your family eliminate wheat, without giving up the pasta. We found a blog that features oodles of noodles of recipes for Sprializing here

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