Just say NO to Corn Syrup

Just say NO to Corn Syrup

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We are all trying to cut down on sugar to slim down. But what if the real culprit behind the problem with sugar has been the variety of sugar that’s been infused into our sweets? The industry substitution of corn syrup for regular table sugar (sucrose), began in the 1970’s. High fructose corn syrup came into wide use in the 1980’s. About 25% of us are eating 25% or more of our daily diet from HFCS. It is speculated by researchers, that the obesity epidemic, may have begun with the ongoing substitution of HFCS for table sugar or sucrose. We are the only country that is exposed to such high levels of corn syrup in our diet. The consumption of corn syrup outside of the US is less than 10%. What’s the concern with corn syrup? Well, to begin with, there aren’t many studies funding this type of research. The corn growing industry in our country is abundant and powerful. But this recent study from the University of Utah, led by Professor Wayne Potts, should give us real pause when it comes to corn syrup in our diet. Rats were fed diets resembling the american diet’s composition of corn syrup, (25 percent) and it caused earlier death and less fertility in the female rodents. Yikees! Earlier death and infertility! I don’t need my corn syrup sweetener that much! This study so outraged the Corn Refiners Association of America, that they responded with something to the effect of, ‘just because it’s really bad for rodents doesn’t mean it’s bad for humans. Well, I ask you to be the judge. Trust the research data of Dr. Wayne Potts, or the comments of Corn Refiners Association. I say, choose life and fertility, and dump the corn syrup every time!

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