About Us

My name is Julie Shatzel, and I’m a Physician in the Sacramento area. I believe in feeding the body, that which is natural to the earth. Food is medicine!

My name is Holly Hisel, and I’m in Sales & Marketing. I spend all of my spare time cooking and eating my way just about anywhere. I love food!

Together, we want to create this blog as a way to connect YOU directly to the farm, and your local community. We’ll visit local ranches, farmers markets, and everything in between.

Our Pharm2Fork mentality is that you are what you eat. That means eat more, not less! Just know where your food comes from. We’ll even debunk every day health trends to help you create a mindfulness of your own. And if you don’t know what to buy at the farmers market, we’ll feature locally sourced recipes we created in our own kitchens. So whether you are a foodie, a farmer, or just health conscious, we want to stay connected. 

We would love to come visit your farm, have a meal with you, or simply listen to what matters…. If you want to be featured on our blog, please email us or send us a message on Facebook. Together, we want to show you how put the ‘farm’ back in food.