Orange You Gonna Eat The Peel

Orange You Gonna Eat The Peel

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When you peel yourself an orange, you may not have realized that the discarded peel is something pharmaceutical companies are studying extensively because of numerous potential health benefits locked inside the peel. Orange peels and all citrus peels contain a substance called hesperidin. Hesperidin is a flavonoid which acts in our bodies to improve blood vessel integrity, lower overall inflammation in the body, and potentially lower LDL or bad cholesterol. As the pharmaceutical companies direct their research efforts to finding extraction methods to pull these valuable micro-nutrients from citrus peels, why not stay a step ahead of their efforts, and find a way to incorporate some of those orange peels into your diet on a regular basis. -Dr. Julie So if your baffled and wondering how to add the orange peel to your every day diet, think outside the box. Buy a microplane or citrus zester and zest away! A lot of salad dressings, marinades, and even some baked goods are extra delicious with a bit of orange zest. OR you can try making your own marmalade or preserves. Here is a recipe I made for StrawberryBalsamic Preserves. You can replace the lemon peel with an orange peel and voila! Chef Holly

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