How to Drink your Avocados

How to Drink your Avocados

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Trying to create a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid, is all the rage in preventative medicine and health these days. Omega 3 fatty acids, are in some ways, an easy and enjoyable supplement to take. As a patient once told me ‘ Doc, I love taking my flaxseed oil, because it’s the fat I can look forward to taking everyday.’ Of course this was said with a smile and a wink, but finding ways to fit natural omega 3 fatty acids into the diet is as easy as picking up a few avocados from your local farmer’s market. We may only think of avocados in guacamole, but it’s omega 3 fatty acid content makes it a health food worthy of eating at least one a day. Finding new and inventive ways to incorporate a daily avocado into your diet is an easy way to accumulate omega 3’s. In Thailand, avocados are used in smoothies, sweet and rich, they add flavor and omega’s to the idea of a green smoothie. So why not try something new and drink your avocados?! Here are some of our favorite recipes…

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