Even the Brits are Eating Organic

Even the Brits are Eating Organic

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We’re not the only country that’s interested in bolstering our organic food intake. In the United Kingdom some recent grocery sales numbers have demonstrated that British shoppers spent an extra 1.73 million pounds a week on organic products, that converts to about 2.41 million dollars. The increase in this socially conscious decision spending are typically the young and the millennial generation. When polled about their decisions, this group of consumers wanted to know the origins of their food and they were willing to pay a little bit more for the assurance that the standards were supporting the environment as well as animal welfare. ( So what are you getting for that extra organic label? At least when it comes to meat and dairy, one British study demonstrated that organic milk and meat have about 50% more beneficial omega three fatty acid, and 40% more linoleic acid and organic meat had a slightly lower concentration of saturated fat. (British journal of nutrition) You know where to find the freshest organic foods in California; the best locally grown organic food is at your nearby farmers markets, don’t forget the Sacramento Farmer’s Market under the highway downtown is open all year round.

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