Asthma medicine in your beef

asthma medicine in your beef

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So Holly sends me this link on ‘beef’ regarding how Tyson is planning to stop buying beef that has been treated with ‘Zilmax’. While that sounds like a good news, there is a dark side to all of this. Zilmax, which was originally designed to be an asthma medication has been fed to cows since 2007 to plump up their muscle. My stomach turned, imagining the previous burgers I’ve eaten, all doused up with asthma medication. What lengths the industry goes to, in order to make fatter cows. I suppose we ought to be thankful, there’s been a pause in using this drug in our beef; Tyson actually put a curb on it because some videos of cows having their hooves fall off while walking were leaked. The industry had to take some action, since cows losing feet is never good advertising in the beef industry. For your next burger, find a good farmer, who raises happy cows and doesn’t drug them up with medication used for illness. Go local, go natural, go organic! Because if you don’t, whelp, you might just be getting a dose of Zilmax in your next burger. Keep our cows happy like this guy!

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