Farmeopathy: Your new medicine cabinet

Farmeopathy: Your new medicine cabinet

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We all have the desire to improve and modify our diet, but that initiative involves some level of momentum. A small step in the farmer’s direction, will get us preparing these farm fresh foods on a daily basis. With a little time investment, some of these easy recipes can be superimposed on our busy lifestyles. Perhaps this small step you take, may just be growing your own tomatoes, or herbs in a small backyard garden box. Or, making a regular visit to your nearest farmer’s market, where you’ll find the selection legions fresher than what you can find at the grocery store. The goal is to improve your overall health for the long term with just a few changes to your daily habits. We hope that by bringing you more information about foods that you encounter every day; we all grow our overall knowledge base. This means a healthier eating community, and support for our local farmers. There is a small movement of backyard farmers, some of whom are so successful they can forgo visits to the grocery store for months at a time. We’ll be introducing you to one of those backyard farmers in the local community in an upcoming article. So take a moment to think about how Farmeopathy, is your new medicine cabinet and how this lifestyle will keep you and your family far from unnecessary medicine.

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