Nielsen Knows Your Snacking Habits

Nielsen Knows Your Snacking Habits

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You may not have realized, but Nielsen has gone beyond monitoring the shows you watch, it knows more about your food habits than you do. Recent data from Nielsen demonstrates that 45% of us are forgoing meals for snacks. More than half of us are replacing breakfast with a “snack” and nearly half of us are replacing lunch and dinner with “snacks.” With this data in hand, industry is planning to invent more snacks to satisfy those of us skipping meals. A large industry research firm has revealed that your snacking habits: 1. We are doing more home snacking 2. We like thin and puffy snacks 3. We are drawn to sensory snacks (heavily flavored “natural flavorings”) 4. Odd flavor varieties 5. We want to avoid gluten 6. We prefer recognizable ingredients 7. The later in the day, the less healthy our snacks Now that the data is out about our snacking habits, let’s take a look at a few recipes home Chef Holly has prepared to substitute for the snacks you may be buying in the store. Follow a few of these easy recipes, and make your own snacks, meal worthy.

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