“Ultra Processed Foods”

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Whether we admit it or not; more than half of the calories we consume are made up of “ultra processed foods.” The kinds of foods that fall into this category, are foods that contain “industrial formulations”or particular ingredients unique to the large food processing industry. Industry uses ingredients not typically used in cooking. You wouldn't be able to purchase a container of natural chicken flavor or natural strawberry flavor, or emulsifiers off your grocery store shelves. The substances used in the industrial formulations of processed food contain chemicals that imitate flavors and have certain unique sensorial qualities. Some common foods we may eat on a regular basis that would contain these additives, would be processed meats, instant noodles, packaged snacks and packaged baked goods. (BMJ Nutrition and Metabolism 2016) So if half of our calories come from processed food formulations, only about a third of our calories are derived from the fresh fruits vegetables and grains that we know are good for us. The remaining percentage of our calories come from standard processed foods such as breads and cheeses. With two thirds of our calories coming from processed foods and ultra processed foods, this increases the sugar content of our daily caloric intake. Without intentionally taking in any indulgent type foods or desserts that we would consider sugar laden, more than 90% of our sugar intake already comes hidden inconspicuously from the processed food category. By examining our diets just a little bit more closely, perhaps we can try to move that percentage to 50% or more of our calories coming from those health-food categories that we really want to put in our bodies. The first step to making that happen? Find an easy recipe, and make it

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