Does an apple a day, keep the Doctor away? Strawberries ‘Preserve’ the Heart.

Does an apple a day, keep the Doctor away? Strawberries 'Preserve' the Heart.

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You may be deficient in this essential element unless you read this Feeling fatigued? Low energy? Poor exercise performance? Magnesium may be low in your diet. The average American, research has shown, takes in below the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. (Dietary Magnesium Intake in a National Sample of U.S. Adults Earl S. Ford1 and Ali H. Mokdad). As we age, we tend to take in even lower amounts of magnesium. Supplements are helpful, but it’s not clear if that is the best way to supplement your body’s need for magnesium. Absorption of magnesium depends on the levels of other vitamins in your diet as well, vitamins such as D and K. So what’s the best way to replace magnesium in your diet to boost your energy level? Vegetables! Especially the dark green leafy ones. Part of the reason that the diet we eat is low in magnesium is because of glyphosate. This Round Up herbicide is used extensively in growing most of the foods we buy at the supermarket. Glyphosate binds to essential elements like magnesium, leaving our vegetables and thus our bodies depleted. But you can overcome this nutrient deficiency, juice a nice hearty glass of greens daily and that should get you to the 400mg daily magnesium that your body needs. Holly has a great recipe for a juice that won’t make your face cringe when you drink it.

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