‘Chemoprevention’ Cucumbers?

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Can you repeat this tongue twister fast, five times? Cucumbers are cucurbits which produce cucurbitacin providing chemoprevention. This tongue twister describes what modern science is trying to achieve with a branch of research called ‘chemoprevention’ or preventing cancer and eradicating it before the cancer battle even begins. Chemoprevention focuses on the concept of preventing cancer in its earliest stages. This occurs when a single altered cell becomes intent on wreaking havoc on the entire body, at a stage when it is essentially undetectable by screening methods. By using substances that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, before they can progress from their single altered form, “Chemoprevention” substances kill them, or prevent their spread. Cucurbits are among the family of plants of which there are about 700 varieties, and cucumbers are the most common one that we eat. Cucumbers produce a substance called “cucurbitacin” which is being studied for its ability to inhibit cancer cells. Researchers are hoping to develop anti cancer drugs by identifying and understanding how this cucumber extract has an ability to block the pathways of cancer cell signaling, therefore inhibiting cancer development. The most nutrient rich cucumbers will come from your local farm, raised by your local farmer. We hope that you’ll find ways to incorporate this healing food into your diet, for their anti-cancer properties. They’re not just for eliminating those puffy eyes anymore. So next time you’re at the spa, ask for a side of cucumber to go with that face mask. And for that next dinner party you’re hosting, try some of these party favorites, Holly created including her cucumber gazpacho shooters and tzatziki feta dip! cucumber gazpacho 2 Tzatziki

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