Avocados to lower your cholesterol

Avocados to lower your cholesterol

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In the food and science industry, there is actually a coined term for someone who eats about a ½ an avocado a day. These sorts of people are referred to as ‘avocado consumers.’ They are of a special group of people, in that they regularly consume avocados, and whether they realize it or not, they are deriving some very special benefits from this spiny skinned food source. These so called ‘avocado consumers’ average a lower cholesterol, which in turn reduces their risk for heart disease. They have a lower body mass index, as well as a smaller waistline. You may be asking yourself, well, with all those benefits, why aren’t I an avocado consumer? The most widely eaten variety is the Haas avocado, which is among 25 different varieties that are commercially raised in California. The first avocado trees were actually brought from Mexico to sunny Santa Barbara back in the 1870s. Avocados are actually quite resistant to pests and easily stored, because of their thick nearly shell like skin. Imagine you are the avocado consumer, how would you be eating your daily half? Typical for most avocado consumers, it would go sliced into a salad, or crushed into the guacamole, but the possibilities are truly endless. You would also be deriving some additional benefits that most of your non avocado consuming counterparts would be missing, including: A happier disposition because of all the tryptophan contained in avocados, and a plentiful amount of amino acids, for the downstream creation serotonin, your happy brain chemical. And there’s even more! You’d be overcoming the lack of something called ‘shortfall nutrients’, a self explanatory term, which are the nutrients most of us typically fall short on in our daily diet. The avocado, fills that gap quite satisfactorily. They have high amounts of fiber, and they are full of vitamin k, vitamin E and magnesium. All of these in just the amount you need as nature intended. Your body will not be missing the ‘shortfall nutrients’ as an avocado consumer. What’s the creamy texture that makes avocados melt in your mouth? Think MUFA’s, (nothing in reference to Lion King)! MUFA’s is the acronym for monounsaturated fatty acids, in other words the good fats. This is the kind of fat our body needs to increase the good cholesterol, otherwise known as HDL. So keep indulging in those avocados. Here’s to the MUFA’s and your happy disposition! Here’s one way to get fancy with those avocados, from Holly’s kitchen: Ahi Tuna & Avocado Salad Seared-Ahi-Salad-Avacado

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