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Four Sisters Cafe

Four Sisters Cafe

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While the eldest of the four sisters, sneaks her way through the back door at 2am to create a harmony of magic in the kitchen, the other 3 sisters lie quietly in their beds. She chops, she cures, and she creates, almost as if she were unnoticeably a shadow in the night. You can almost smell a dusting of the flour in the air as she kneads the dough just enough, so that when it rises and cooks, it’s the perfect consistency on which to balance beneath the rich and delicately tasteful gravy. At the same time, a subtle heat rises, emulating the pungent aroma of 14 day cured beef that has been resting for just the right amount of time. If this sounds like a fairytale, it’s because it is. Only this fairytale comes to life, when the sun rises. As a hint of light begins to pierce through the window, so does the smell of house cured bacon and freshly brewed coffee. One by one, the remaining three sisters make their way through the back door, while the forth sister shy’s quietly into her corner of the kitchen, with knife in hand, and a canvas of recipes on her mind. As the customers begin to walk through the door, some with familiar smiles of comfort, and others with grins of awe, so begins the symphony of Four Sisters Café. From the service to the décor, this place radiates charm and allure. And whether you’re a foodie, a child, a mom, or just a friendly face, the experience is an abundant one. From the mango stuffed French toast croissant, to the perfectly marinated French dip, you can surprise and delight both the salty and the sweet. Add a cup of piping hot fresh coffee or fresh squeezed orange juice, and indulge in a trifecta of abundance! Lastly, if service had a price, Trish, Lisa, & Julie would be on the menu. Together, their smiles light up the room. So much so, that the piercing light that slowly rises with the sunrise through the window is merely a third of what lights up the entire restaurant. While you may never meet eyes with the fourth sister, you can be assured that it is only because she is conducting an exquisite masterpiece for your pallet. For now she shall remain nameless, as all good things must shed some anonymity for the imagination.

My Top 5 Four Sisters Omelet – made with bacon that’s cured, smoked, and sliced in house and includes white cheddar cheese, WITH a medium egg folded in the middle! Mango Stuffed Croissant French Toast – made with bananas and toasted coconut. The Garden Benedict – made on a grilled focaccia with homemade hollandaise sauce. The French Dip – prime rib slow cooked with the ‘family’ dry rub. The BBQ Beef Sandwich- made with homemade BBQ sauce

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