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La Provence Restaurant & Terrace

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace

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So for those of you who know me well, La Provence is my home away from home. My La maison maison douce so to speak. While I usually venture there for a couple glasses of wine, some good conversation, and few noshes from the happy hour menu, this time I decided to step out of the box. What does that mean? First and foremost, I opted for a Chardonnay rather than the usual Pinot. The Landmark Vineyards Overlook – 2009 to be exact. Forget the 2 glasses, I ordered the bottle. It was Wine Wednesday after all. First on the menu, I decided to go with the Summer Salad w/ Grilled Peaches. Picture this…. summer salad w/ grilled peaches, baby greens, tossed in a light orange vinaigrette and topped w/ cambozola cheese crostinti. That’s all I really need to say, since you can almost taste it now! It was delish, and it paired quite well with the Landmark Chardonnay…. Yes, both glasses. For my main course, I ordered something I can safely say I’ve only ever ordered in the form of bacon… The Filet de Poro Roti. Roasted pork tenderloin wrapped in cherrywood smoked bacon and rainbow swiss chard w/ white cheddar, corn and potato fritters, in a port wine Demi-glace. Amazing! Pork wrapped in pork, sitting in wine. How could it get any better? Oh, but it can. You see, Chef Vince whips up this secret carrot puree that adds just the right amount of vibrant orange, with a silky texture that could almost melt in your mouth. Seeing it, and talking about it, doesn’t do it justice. You have to taste it for yourself. Just go in and ask for it… And don’t tell them Holly told you too, just do it! And for dessert… Whelp, we’ll just call that the 2 other glasses of wine I had somewhere in between the salad and the Filet de Poro. While I should have greeted you with this in the intro, I find it more appropriate to add here, as a means to motivate you to got try it for yourself … Bon Appétit!

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