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Featured Winery: Napa Valley Estates

Featured Winery: Napa Valley Estates

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The City of Napa is the principal city in the world-famous Napa Valley wine region. Although most wineries are located outside the City limits, wine has been produced in the City of Napa since the mid 1800s. Some historians say the the City’s first winemaker was John Patchett, who worked with Charles Krug at a location near present-day Fuller Park in 1858. While the winemaking mostly takes places in areas outside the City, there are multiple opportunities to taste the fruit of the vine without leaving town. There are about 20 wine bars and tasting rooms in the City and more on the way. Many of the wineries operating in Napa County have limited capacity to host visitors at their wineries, and increasingly look to the City of Napa to provide a tasting room experience.

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